This section is for healthcare professionals.

Supporting patients to Join Dementia Research.

This toolkit is aimed at healthcare professional and those who are involved in supporting people with dementia and their carers to Join Dementia Research, primarily in a healthcare setting. The goal is to make it possible for anyone and everyone who wants to be involved in dementia research to get the chance to, which will help to improve our understanding of dementia, as well as shape services and treatments available to patients in the NHS. Meeting the Department of Health and Social Care 2020 Dementia Challenge objectives, as detailed here. Please review the various sections about to access case studies, tools and guidance to support your delivery.

What can you do?

1. Start at the beginning and find out more

Take a few minutes to learn more about Join Dementia Research and how you can help – complete ‘learn’ awareness tool now

2. Engage your staff

Support Join Dementia Research being implemented into NHS care pathways, by helping spread the word in your Trust. This might include looking to include a section in your staff newsletter all about the service or get in touch to arrange someone from the team to come and give a talk.

3. Engage your patients

Talk to patients about the opportunity to take part in research, and direct them to Join Dementia Research. People have a range of motivations for being involved, including:

• the opportunity to access new treatments
• helping future generations
• the chance to ‘fight back’ against their disease
• increased social inclusion, and feeling part of something valuable

4. Use free materials

We have a range of free materials like posters and leaflets that you can download from our materials page or visit to order.



We also have a variety of case studies as a great resource for healthcare professionals to support implementation of Join Dementia Research into NHS care pathways. They showcase work from across the health and social care environments, sharing stories, ideas, tips and tools to support delivery – putting  research with care.

Please note these are real examples, and will need to be adapted to your organisation.

In Resources, you can also find out how to get a Join Dementia Research professionals’ account, view regional data and statistics and find out about our free materials.


The toolkit has been divided into three sections: