There are a number of different accounts available for professional users of Join Dementia Research.

1. Study Information & Feasibility Account

This account allows the user to review which research studies are open and recruiting via Join Dementia Research. This can help healthcare professionals in sharing information to better understand what research is taking place across the nation and in their local area.

It also allows the user to run simple searches, using available volunteer information to discover how many volunteers are registered that meet a defined criteria such as how many people aged between 55-65 with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease are registered in Yorkshire. No personal information is shared, only basic ‘counts’ to help inform future studies.

We would encourage all staff involved in promoting Join Dementia Research to have this role and to familiarise themselves with information about the studies recruiting via the service. Further information on open studies is also regularly shared on our News & Info Page.

To request a Study Information & Feasibility Account, please contact your local Study Administrator, or get in touch via our Contact us page.

2. Clinician Account

This account allows the user to create and update Join Dementia Research volunteer accounts. This role is useful for those staff working within the NHS who have agreed to provide a full support service to patients and volunteers, registering them onto Join Dementia Research whilst in clinic. An alternative to using this role, is to refer volunteers to the Helpline.

This role comes with full training. To discuss being set-up as a clinician, please get in touch using our Contact us page.

3. Researcher Account

For information on using Join Dementia Research as a Researcher or Administrator please visit our Researchers page.