The latest Join Dementia Research volunteer registration data has been published today.

May 2018 highlights:

  • 952 (+163 on April 2018) new volunteers registered, including 98 people with a dementia diagnosis
  • Most new volunteers came as a result of JDR being included in an Alzheimer’s Research UK newsletter (146), and some news coverage (121)
  • NHS Bristol CCG has the most JDR volunteers with 946, NHS Cambridgeshire & Peterborough CCG has the most JDR volunteers with Dementia with 92.
  • NHS Camden CCG remains on top overall with 3.36% of its population with dementia being registered. However, NIHR Thames Valley & South Midlands regions with 3.07% of its people with dementia being registered.
  • ┬áTotal number of volunteers to the end of May is 35,881 (4683 with a dementia diagnosis, which is 1.1% of total number of people with a diagnosis – objective is 25% by December 2020)