In 2015, the Department of Health launched the Dementia 2020 Challenge. The Challenge aimed to make England, by 2020, the best country in the world for dementia care, support, research and awareness. The subsequent 2016 Implementation Plan set out a series of commitments and objectives for a range of organisations. You can read more about the Challenge here.


In the Dementia 2020 Challenge: Implementation Plan, the Department of Health committed to conduct a Review during 2018  to “assess whether we have achieved the actions included in the plan. It will also look ahead to the actions up to 2020 and develop more detailed delivery plans for them.” The review has started by asking for your views on what has been achieved so far and assess whether the Challenge commitments are expected to be fulfilled by 2020. The results of this stocktake will inform they do next and establish what additional actions can be taken to ensure commitments are met by 2020 as planned.

As well as reviewing the progress of the Challenge so far, they would also like to hear what you think needs to happen beyond 2020. Views on what should happen beyond 2020 later in the Review process.

The Department of Health & Social Care has invited us to collaborate with our members, service users and other stakeholders to contribute to this vital piece of work.

Join Dementia Research Objectives

The 2020 Challenge sets out four key objectives for Join Dementia Research as follows:

  1. Every newly diagnosed person with dementia and their carer will receive information on what research opportunities are available and how they can access these through Join Dementia Research.
  2. All relevant staff will be able to signpost interested individuals to research via Join Dementia Research.
  3. 25% of people with dementia will be registered on Join Dementia Research.
  4. 10% of people with dementia will be participating in a research study.

Please email us to let us know your views on these objectives, the progress made to date, how they might perhaps be improved, and what needs to happen beyond 2020. To share your views please email nddr.admin@nihr.ac.uk

DEADLINE 20th APRIL to allow us to collate replies and submit by 2nd May.