The Office of the NIHR National Director for Dementia Research has recently been piloting the use of kiosks in healthcare settings to encourage sign up to Join Dementia Research.

The kiosks allow users to enter basic details (name, year of birth, region) and if they would like to be contacted by email or phone. They then receive either an email or a phone call detailing more information about Join Dementia Research and the opportunity to sign up to the service. Calls are delivered by experts at Alzheimer’s Research UK and Alzheimer’s Society, both are able to answer questions, offer advice and information and support you to sign-up, and be matched to studies.

Still in its early stage, the pilot has seen kiosks being placed in pharmacies, memory clinics, GP practices, and hospital settings. Dr Ian Collyer from a Medical Practice in Cheshire, where one of the kiosks is being hosted, said “Research is important to us all in Waters Green Medical Centre Macclesfield. We have a large daily footfall from our 65,000 patients and a kiosk in our central atrium is an excellent way of catching people’s attention. We consider research of paramount importance and we are fully supportive of this initiative”.

Get in touch about a dementia research kiosk

If you are work in a healthcare setting and are interested in playing a role in supporting research, you could:

  • Host one of our kiosks
  • Give Join Dementia Research materials to your patients – order free from our website
  • Read case studies on our toolkit – and find out what others are doing around the nation
  • Talk to us about delivering your own campaign
  • Tell your patients about the service and how they could help


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