Developing Third Sector Partnerships

Project Description
Recruitment into research projects and clinical trials can be challenging, and often relies on research-friendly healthcare professionals to drive it forward locally. One project in East Anglia decided to approach this issue from the other side, by raising awareness of research with patients directly in order to empower them to ask their healthcare team proactively about research opportunities.
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  • Recognise the pressures that staff face in taking on additional work above and beyond their normal duties and ensure that activity is aligned to available time, being realistic with demands
  • Compare and contrast the third sector organisations operating in the area to establish a baseline of what each offers, how regularly the groups meet, how many people attend the meetings and, importantly, how relevant the organisations are to the current portfolio of research studies
  • Establish good channels of communication with the main ‘gate keepers’ at the local voluntary groups
  • Consider connections to local Alzheimer’s Scotland and Alzheimer’s Society offices and Alzheimer’s Research UK research networks