Building Research Partnerships

Bringing together researchers, clinicians and staff from across the NHS. Working with charities, voluntary organisations, patients, carers and the public. Working in partnership to make participation in research an option for every NHS patient, putting research with care.


Working with charities 

Developing Third Sector Partnerships
Close relationships were forged with several of the main charities operating locally to offer their membership more constructive and tailored information about research. Aiming to raise awareness of research and empower them to ask their healthcare team proactively about research opportunities.
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Patient Engagement 

Support at home – the key to signing up new recruits
Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust has seen a substantial rise in the number of patients signing up to Join Dementia Research. This shift has increased since they have recruited a Research Assistant who has tested a range of different approaches to promote and recruit patients to Join Dementia Research. One found particularly successful has been offering a home visit.
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Embedding Research Consultation
A wide ranging consultation was conducted in partnership with some of the areas’ leading dementias and other neurodegenerative diseases charities to ask people how they would like to be told about possible involvement and how they would like to be kept informed about current research.
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Developing and Implementing a Local Communications Plan
Clinical research and its importance are difficult concepts to convey to the general public. An kind of communications actively therefore needs to be thoroughly planned and each type of audience carefully considered. A local communications plan was developed and implemented to achieve just that.
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