Increasing recruitment in a host trust

Project Description
With Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health NHS Partnership Trust (AWP) previously posting lower than expected recruitment numbers to dementia and neurodegenerative diseases research studies, the local network decided to investigate what the obstacles to recruitment within the Trust were and held an open forum meeting where any issues could be voiced.
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  • Realise that by encouraging open forums for discussion and debate, well-established and deep-seated opinions and attitudes can be challenged
  • Appreciate that all ideas aired in such forums can have merit and that it may be some of the more unusual suggestions that will lead to previously untapped avenues being explored
  • Attend Trust induction days and other meetings to raise awareness about Join Dementia Research but ensure that events attended are relevant and a good use of time and resource
  • Develop a clear pathway for trainee doctors to access research opportunities and be supported to be a principal investigator or local collaborator
  • Support clinical applications for Research Capability Funding to provide clinical backfill so that personnel can undertake research
  • Project Brief and Delivery Plan

    First stage for any initiative is to agree the approach, this document provides the original project brief and delivery plan for working to increase recruitment at AWP.

  • Workshopped Themes for Engaging Trust

    From the outset the team looked to involve stakeholders. This document provides the raw outputs from those brainstorming sessions, presented as themes and ideas for inclusion in plans.

  • Research Promotion Events Schedule and Reports

    A major element of this project was communicating with staff and patients to raise awareness of the Trust’s work on research and the role of staff. This document provides a simple list of events, feedback and reports

  • Patient Identification Centre Pathway

    A significant achievement of the project was agreeing a process by which the Trust could invite other organisations to refer patients to local studies. This document provides details on that new system

  • AWP Research Briefing Sheet for Staff

    Simple briefing produced for staff and those attending events. This ensured a consistent message was shared, and a good level of understanding provided to all involved staff

  • Lessons Learned Log

    By using a project management methodology for delivery, the team were encouraged to capture and record lessons throughout. This document provides that log, to ensure future projects can learn from previous work

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Raising the profile of research
Raising the profile of research

    Improving research accessibility in non-research Trusts

    Project Description
    In March 2012, the Government set an ambition for ten percent of people with dementia to be involved in clinical trials by 2015. For Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust (BHR) this meant embarking on an initiative to increase patient access to research. The Trust previously had a strong research presence across other areas like cancer and oncology, however very little activity was happening in dementia and neurodegenerative diseases.

    With the proactivity of one research nurse, research moved further up the priority list.

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    • Keep the momentum up and keep staff engaged and enthused all the way through the process
    • Ensure your project fits in with organisation or national objectives: this initiative succeeded because the Trust really wanted to do it and because it linked in with national requirements such as the Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia
    • Provide strong leadership that will embrace change and make it happen. An email from the Chief Executive and the Medical Directors goes a long way
    • Treat instilling a research culture as a long-term investment not as a quick return
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