Commissioning for Research

Project Description
Reorganisation and improvements within the National Health Service are encouraging a much clearer focus on research and on the involvement of patients in research studies and clinical trials. Changes in the commissioning structure of service provision present particular opportunities to work closely with the organisations responsible for commissioning health services. A project piloted in the South West of England collaborated with the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to ensure that appropriate wording was added to their invitations to tender and contracts documentation.
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  • Recognise that, within the evolving nature of the NHS, project slippage can occur and that it is difficult to gauge realistic timelines for implementing change at the level of the CCGs
  • Appreciate the time involved in building a network of the individuals and groups around a single idea, and how these individuals have many other priorities and may have constantly changing roles
  • Work effectively with these networks on an on-going basis to ensure that research remains on the agenda
  • Discuss documents and websites where research could be incorporated with these networks ensuring that the text is appropriate, succinct and informative
  • Bristol CCG Dementia Wellbeing Service Specification Consultation

    This organisation is amongst the first to push for support for research being systematic, and a core element of commissioning. This document presents the newly developed dementia wellbeing service specification, which includes significant support for research – useful and transferable to other regions and disease areas.

  • Commissioners’ Self-Assessment Framework

    This draft self-assessment framework builds on other work and provides practical detail and support on how commissioners might exercise their duty to promote research and the use of evidence.

Hear About the Project
A commitment to promoting research
A commitment to promoting research