Establishing a Research Culture

Creating a research-minded culture across the entire NHS. Ensuring organisations and staff at all levels, accept, understand and play their role in communicating, acting and helping improve patient participation in research studies, putting research with care.



Commissioning for Research
This project piloted work in the South West of England to collaborate with the Clinical Commissioning Groups to ensure that appropriate wording was added to their invitations to tender and contracts documentation. This wording was designed to ensure that giving patients access to research is considered equally with other aspects of patient care.
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Engaging Trusts

Increasing Recruitment in a Host Trust
With Avon and Wiltshire Partnership Trust posting lower than expected numbers for recruitment into dementias and neurodegenerative disease research studies, this project investigated what the obstacles to recruitment within the Trust were and held an open forum meeting where any issues could be voiced.
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Improving Research Accessibility in Non-research Trusts
Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust embarked on an initiative, with the support of the local clinical research network for dementias and neurodenegrative diseases, to increase patient access to research.
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Creating a Research Friendly Culture
An initiative at Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust was embarked on to raise the profile of research through training healthcare staff, in order to increase the number of patients into trials.
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Whole Organisation 

Actively Engaging Trusts to Integrate Research into Care
A vital component of an initiative at Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust was engaging with the health professionals who came into direct contact with patients.
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