Organising and running an awareness week

Project Description
Dementia research gives individuals the opportunity to take part in new trials, learn about the condition and contribute to the development of treatment pathways and the care of future people with dementia. Raising awareness of such research is imperative for this progress to continue. Realising this, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, working in partnership with Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust, set up an innovative way to prioritise promoting dementia research in hospitals – a Join Dementia Research Awareness Week.
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  • Be inventive with your ideas, don’t be afraid to try something different
  • Know your audience – this can include patients, family members, hospital visitors, staff
  • Find out what your team can manage in terms of support before and during the campaign
  • Delegate a co-ordinator and specific tasks to staff members
  • Tailor discussions to suit your audience – whether this involves considering how individuals without dementia can sign up and be involved, how staff members can sign-up and promote Join Dementia Research in their working area or about current trials individuals may have the opportunity to take part in
  • Be aware of the stigma behind research, taking part in research can be a daunting prospect. When talking to families about Join Dementia Research try to use examples of where others have been involved and assure them that they will be part of a team
  • Plan ahead – ideally at least six months in advance
  • Speak to your Trust’s communications department and the Communications Lead at the NIHR local Clinical Research Network; inform them of the upcoming event and activities you are planning
  • Contact the national Join Dementia Research team to inform them of your plans – they can help promote local activities and initiatives
  • Utilise Social Media platforms to promote the event and continue to raise awareness of Join Dementia Research
Research nurse Nichola Verstraelen with some of the team
Sharing Ideas